IP Stack Integrity Checker New Generation



ISICNG is the port to IPv6 of ISIC, an IPv4 fuzzer intended to test the integrity of an IPv4 stack and its components stacks (i.e. TCP) written by Mike Frantzen and that uses libnet. ISICNG generates piles of pseudo random packets of the target protocol. Supported protocols are IPv6, UDP, ICMPv6, TCP, IPComp, IPv6-into-IPv4.


In order to use ISICNG you need libnet 1.1 with its IPv6 support.


$ tar xzvf isicng-0.01.tar.gz
$ cd isicng
$ ./configure && make
# make install


Sample use

# isicng -s rand -d dead::beef -F 15 -R 10
Isicng will start by sending IPv6 packets to dead::beef with random IPv6 source. Approximatively 15% of them will have a fragmentation header and 10% will have a routing header. You can wait until a panic or a break occurs then you can hit ctrl + C. At this moment you will see the number used as seed to generate pseudo random packets and the number of generated packets. So you can easily reuse this seed (-r) in order to regenerate the same bunch of packets (-p) and skip the X first packets (-k) in order to identify the evil packet.
# isicng -s rand -d dead::beef -F 15 -R 10 -r 1337 -k 5000 -p 10000
This command will use 1337 as seed, will skip the first 5000th packets and will send out packets in range from 5000 to 10000.


Clement Lecigne <> is the primary author. ISIC has been written by Mike Frantzen. Logo